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i wonder how they got there.


such a thought-provoking series, sidney...


Great set of photos Sidney! The second portrait is amazing.


Great set of photos Sidney! The second portrait is amazing.

Otto K.

This is wonderful. Great series, Sidney.


La vieillesse nous fait peur, car c'est notre propre image qui se reflète dans ses photos

Ashish Sidapara

Strong portraits again, keep them coming!


This is a phenomenal series. Thanks for answering my question :)


Another wonderful set, Sidney. The lighting in the top photo is spectacular.


Hey Sidney.
These pictures are phenomenal.

I just got back to blogging. I got myself a new domain. :)


Oh là là tu me files le bourdon encore plus que Véra. Déjà que vieillir c'est pas marrant alors dans ces conditions. Enfin! elles ont du aimer se faire prendre en photo et passer quelques minutes de coquetterie à se remettre une mèche en place et un peu de poudre sur les joues..

Gail Wiley

Wonderful as usual. You have a real talent for capturing life.


Toute cette série de portraits est particulièrement émouvante, Sidney !
N'oublions personne, en ce temps de Noël.
Gros bisous :0010:

Wim van der Meij

Do the old people have some pleasure in their lives, or are they just spending time till they die?
Good series!


Et bien je découvre votre espace à mon tour... Il y a de très beaux portraits pleins de quelque chose de spécial, j'aime les portraits de personne âgées car elles ont tellement de choses à nous dire avec les yeux.... Bonne continuation à ce site.


I have just about the same feeling as Rayts. Sad because I hurt for the conditions these dear sweet people live in. I mean: those sleeping facilities do not look luxiourious. But then I guess I'm just a rich westener.


Totally Timeless Sidney


this series makes me utterly sad. sad not in a bad way. sad for many reasons. i guess good photography and good subject make you feel like that. for many reasons, this series stirs my being.


Can't help myself but notice the arinola under the bed.Very pinas I'd say!:)

have a great week ahead!


excellent portraits sidney, really love 'em


living proofs that beauty does fade... But character don't.


I like these series of Black & White photographs. This makes the scenes come more natural, more alive, and uncannily more emotional.


A sad, simple life with only personal space and a cot.
Better, I suppose, than being on the street. A very serious series...nicely shown.


Tous vos portraits de la vieillesse sont très émouvants.


No luxury at all, what cruel differences there are in life.

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